It's hard to think of a time when I wasn't trying to get away with drawing on something, I always had pens and paints stuffed in my pockets waiting for the chance to make my mark on something. This mentality has pushed me to create on creation.

I've always found the word original to be a mythical word that many strive for but works are never classed as. For many artists this is a driving force pushing their theory and practice more and more into the obscure. I don't want to say that I've moved away from trying to create something original but in the modern age we live in with the wealth of images on the internet and that surround us in daily life, it seems unrealistic not to draw from this copious amounts of material, appropriating others work to make our own pieces which we can label not original but ours.

My practice largely dwells in the domain of appropriation, for years I have played around with editing found pictures, looking at the idea of turning object into material. This idea has branched off in many directions such as creating prints and working with collected photographs. I try to develop new narratives that enhance and reconfigure the original representation bringing it into the modern day or pushing it into the future, producing something that I can call my own.